Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Colitis/Colonless Curse

For the last eight years, my weight has served as a significant indicator of my health. To file for disability one has to document substantial weight loss; 10% over a 60 day period. This is easy for those with an IBD- and now I know it's easy for those without a colon. When I hit 15 pounds lost, I know it is time for drastic measures. My "healthy weight" has a 5 pound window. I haven't held at that weight for over a year now.

Most people complain that their pants don't fit. Lunges in freshly dried jeans may help you; not me. I get comments all the time about my weight. Others, I would imagine, welcome skinny jokes. To me it is a constant reminder of my disability.

When did it become ok to comment on someone's weight? Does everyone feel they know me well enough to say how skinny I look? If I were over weight, would it be ok to say, "Gosh, you're looking fat!"? It's the same to say, "Gosh, you're looking skinny," to someone without a colon (or an IBD)!

I'd love it if a few cheese burgers would do the trick (I get that suggestion all the time). I wish my pants fit right. But as hard as it is for someone who over eats to be called fat, it is just as hard for someone who can't properly digest food to be called skinny.

You can't stop eating? Well, I can't stop my food from rushing through my gut.

Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Deal?

Unfortunately, the people who usually read this are close enough to make fun...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Third time's the charm?

March 1st was surgery. I really want to say it is the last surgery but if I've learned anything in the last nine months, there is no telling when this will all be over until it's over!

We are still riding the tax refund wave so I was able to pay our lowered co-pay for the hospital stay. While we were in the business office the morning of surgery, I read through the paper work the office lady gave me and it said "Liquid diet day prior to surgery"! I guess the celebratory burrito was a bad idea...

I told the nurse and really thought they were going to send me home. But before I knew it, I was flat on my back getting wheeled into surgery. I saw doctor Nic before I went under. The last thing I heard was the discussion of medication needed during the surgery. "Well, I'll be here if you need more..."

Dr Nic said it could be an hour or four, depending on how difficult it is to find the leak. Unfortunately for him, it was pretty difficult to find it! Four hours later he sent the "all-good" to Eli in the purgatory. I always feel so bad for Eli having to wait there while I'm getting the best sleep of my life!

When I woke up, all I could get out was a moan. They wheeled me to my room, raised the bed to the height of the stretcher and asked me to "skooch!" WORST FEELING EVER!

When they brought Eli in to the hospital room, my moans had increased with the pain did. The rest of that night was a blur after the nurse said, "Just keep pushing that button! It will kick in..."