Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chronic full time job

Yesterday I was working on surgery stuff from 10:30am to 3 pm. I had my pre-op appointment with Dr Nichols; then had to register with the hospital; then had to get blood work done; then had to pick up my barium for my CT today.

Today, I had to WAKE UP EARLY- just to eat because I can't eat four hours before my CT. I have to start drinking my Barium at noon, finish it at 1pm and then head up to the Kaiser that has a radiology facility... Later today I have to call the hospital back to register over the phone because they were too busy yesterday.

With a disease like this, who needs a job?

Lock and roll seepage control

If I could offer some advice to other ostomates:

I have been using the lock and roll bag from Hollister for a few months now. It is easier in that I don't have that bulky clip digging into my leg and I never really liked the idea of folding the tail when I emptied. I tried the lock and roll that the company included as a sample and I ordered them (with the vent) the next month.

While in the hospital, I was told to change the wafer every four days and the bag about every two days... "but you can change it whenever you feel you need to". I got in the habit of changing the bag when I changed the wafer. Now that I use the lock and roll, I have found some seepage in the folds when I empty. Not much, but seepage nonetheless.

When I called my representative, Johnathan, at Hollister and told him of my issued he informed me that the vent and the bags are intended for two day use. Changing more frequently could reduce the seepage and bag bloating (see earlier post: Vented Bag Retraction). I tried that... to no avail.

I finally found what works. I fold the tail into the flesh-toned mesh. This way the waste is not pushing on the Velcro and prevents seepage. Now every time I empty, I have a clean tail...

I just realized how that sounds to someone without an ostomy :) Hahaha.

A sign of the times

I am happy to report that organizations are again starting to correspond with the lowly unemployed.

I have been unemployed for one year now. At first, organizations would send an email or even postcard informing the applicants of their time line and to serve as verification of resume received. Slowly, the organizations became less interested in cordiality. I would go months without hearing anything from the organizations I applied to.

Times, they are a-changing. Last week I got two emails regarding my resume! One rejection letter-still stings a little; and one"resume received" letter with a time line!

This could mean two things: Everyone in Atlanta already has a job and I am the only one still applying, or organizations have hired someone to send out cordial emails to the unemployed!

I should hear within 20 days if I'm in or out! Make it work! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Middle of the night wafer change

Take down surgery is three weeks away. I have had this bag on me for five months! You'd think I could take care of it by now....

Last night, I decided to change my bag before bed time. I figured the vent would work better and it just feels so good to sleep with a nice, clean bag. I awoke at 4:30am to a leaking bag! I had no idea why; I thought I didn't close it all the way, maybe it opened a little while I was sleeping (Now it is so cold I HAVE to sleep in pjs). By the time I got the bathroom light on, and after further examination, I realized that my seal leaked!

This is a first for me. I have read about other ostomates' seal leaking out of no where but never has it happened to me; not like this... until last night! Out of no where! All over the place. So I gathered my supplies, covered my gorgeous couch and got down to business.

One good thing, the stoma is not very active at night. You'd think it is because I almost always wake up with a full bag- I'm talking FULL! But, this morning, it was good to me and let me clean it, dry it, crust it, stick it and bag it.

What a night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Colorectal Sergeon in Atlanta

Either I have a bad HMO or the best colorectal surgeon in Atlanta.

I am still experiencing some tummy problems when I eat and am feeling really week the last few days. When I reached out to my network of doctors, the only one to call me back was my out-of-network surgeon. This has not been an easy journey; you never know who to call if you have a pain, or if the problem is surgery related or digestive related, is it just the flu or what. No matter how crazy my concerns are the first person my husband and I call is Dr Nichols.

He always responds within the hour and is always willing to hear me out. He has a reason for everything and a resolution for everything. He gives me options and is always willing to work with me if I'm just not feeling it.

Why do I spend so much money each month on my premium and I get no response from those doctors?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well, they didn't poke the stoma! The GP felt my belly, and took some blood, and ordered an x-ray and a pee test... The results: inconclusive!

I mean, I'm not pregnant; It doesn't appear that I have a blockage.

Maybe I should just have all my innards removed to narrow down the problems... One day I will be pain free! I know it!

back to life!

You know how they say if you never experience pain, you never notice the great stuff? No kidding.

This month is our third anniversary and we celebrated like it was our 25th! Eli knew I had not been feeling well and still have bad days so he wanted to treat me.

We went to the beach where we were married and spent a few days in Big Sur, CA. It was perfect. When we got home to my parents' house we had a get-together with some friends and family and it was the best medicine I could as for!

Things were so great. Now I'm back home and I am sick all over again. I have a cold, no doubt from the plane trips; pains in my belly again for no reason that I can think of and I am hunched over like I was after surgery!

I guess I'm back to the doctor's this week and see what tests they can come up with now.