Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Colorectal Sergeon in Atlanta

Either I have a bad HMO or the best colorectal surgeon in Atlanta.

I am still experiencing some tummy problems when I eat and am feeling really week the last few days. When I reached out to my network of doctors, the only one to call me back was my out-of-network surgeon. This has not been an easy journey; you never know who to call if you have a pain, or if the problem is surgery related or digestive related, is it just the flu or what. No matter how crazy my concerns are the first person my husband and I call is Dr Nichols.

He always responds within the hour and is always willing to hear me out. He has a reason for everything and a resolution for everything. He gives me options and is always willing to work with me if I'm just not feeling it.

Why do I spend so much money each month on my premium and I get no response from those doctors?

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