Monday, October 19, 2009

Middle of the night wafer change

Take down surgery is three weeks away. I have had this bag on me for five months! You'd think I could take care of it by now....

Last night, I decided to change my bag before bed time. I figured the vent would work better and it just feels so good to sleep with a nice, clean bag. I awoke at 4:30am to a leaking bag! I had no idea why; I thought I didn't close it all the way, maybe it opened a little while I was sleeping (Now it is so cold I HAVE to sleep in pjs). By the time I got the bathroom light on, and after further examination, I realized that my seal leaked!

This is a first for me. I have read about other ostomates' seal leaking out of no where but never has it happened to me; not like this... until last night! Out of no where! All over the place. So I gathered my supplies, covered my gorgeous couch and got down to business.

One good thing, the stoma is not very active at night. You'd think it is because I almost always wake up with a full bag- I'm talking FULL! But, this morning, it was good to me and let me clean it, dry it, crust it, stick it and bag it.

What a night.

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