Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lock and roll seepage control

If I could offer some advice to other ostomates:

I have been using the lock and roll bag from Hollister for a few months now. It is easier in that I don't have that bulky clip digging into my leg and I never really liked the idea of folding the tail when I emptied. I tried the lock and roll that the company included as a sample and I ordered them (with the vent) the next month.

While in the hospital, I was told to change the wafer every four days and the bag about every two days... "but you can change it whenever you feel you need to". I got in the habit of changing the bag when I changed the wafer. Now that I use the lock and roll, I have found some seepage in the folds when I empty. Not much, but seepage nonetheless.

When I called my representative, Johnathan, at Hollister and told him of my issued he informed me that the vent and the bags are intended for two day use. Changing more frequently could reduce the seepage and bag bloating (see earlier post: Vented Bag Retraction). I tried that... to no avail.

I finally found what works. I fold the tail into the flesh-toned mesh. This way the waste is not pushing on the Velcro and prevents seepage. Now every time I empty, I have a clean tail...

I just realized how that sounds to someone without an ostomy :) Hahaha.

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