Saturday, October 10, 2009

back to life!

You know how they say if you never experience pain, you never notice the great stuff? No kidding.

This month is our third anniversary and we celebrated like it was our 25th! Eli knew I had not been feeling well and still have bad days so he wanted to treat me.

We went to the beach where we were married and spent a few days in Big Sur, CA. It was perfect. When we got home to my parents' house we had a get-together with some friends and family and it was the best medicine I could as for!

Things were so great. Now I'm back home and I am sick all over again. I have a cold, no doubt from the plane trips; pains in my belly again for no reason that I can think of and I am hunched over like I was after surgery!

I guess I'm back to the doctor's this week and see what tests they can come up with now.

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