Monday, December 14, 2009

Liza's ways to save

Last week I got a hair cut. Not just any hair cut. It is hard to justify something so unnecessary but after a year and a half, it was time. So...

I took all the change in our change jar to the bank (coinstar costs like 10%) and cashed it in for bills. I took a coupon from my sister for Great Clips and lopped off my hair for a mere $5 with a $5 tip.

And, I had $10 left over. Beat that. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I haven't written for a while. I wish I had an excuse. I don't really have anything going on except, what I call, "still healing".

I recognized that I am more embarrassed with my condition now that everything is tucked away and I look "normal". I can't point to something and say, "see- that is what is going on!" Since the beginning of this ordeal, I have said, "This will get me back to normal; the way I was before colitis." Now, I'm afraid, it won't.

I am still going to the bathroom pretty regularly; Maybe 10-15 times a day. I still have accidents while I sleep but usually only once every two weeks or so. I am going to the bathroom 2-4 times every night. It is really hard to have a good, uninterrupted, night's sleep.

I'm dizzy, in pain, tired, and, still, somewhat depressed. Eli and I have fortunately worked out issues that have come up. Our communication has gotten even better and we are able to laugh again. It truly is the best medicine.

... Got to go!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stress and Strain

During the holidays, I assume most people encounter more than the usual stress. Unfortunately, if you add a chronic illness to the mix, it doesn't get easier.

I have read pamphlets about "Taking Care of the Care-Taker" but there is still some difficulty understanding each other at times. I understand that he has to deal with real life (work, bills, hobbies) and when he gets home, he has to deal with a sick wife. That is a lot to take on. Any illness is a lot to take on for all those involved.

But no matter how strong people think the "sick one" is, life almost stops for them. And that can be just as unnerving. Imagine losing the most elementary of functions. Of course the last thing you want to do is create more work for those around you. So often, I feel, we take on more than we can handle. I guess if the care-taker does the same, you both end up stressing yourself out and disconnecting from the other.

I pride myself on my ability to empathize. But once in a while, I think I need to check in on myself.

Road trip with my new innards!

The trip to Ohio went well. It usually takes 8 hours but with a couple extra bathroom visits it took us about 9 hours to get there.

Not too much discomfort. Of course the hardest part was not over eating during the holiday. I think I did pretty well. There are always temptations but I at least have the luxury of rest. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or just couldn't sit up straight any longer, I just went to the back room and slept. I guess people don't expect much from you after surgery.

The highlight: Eli's grandfather lives across the street from an Amish family and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law looooves animals so of course she asked to ride a horse. I was second to mount up! I can't believe I got up there. This was a big beast. I made them promise to hold the reins during my ride but how much fun!

I guess I am getting back in the saddle!

This week I have also noticed a significant decrease in swelling. I am also down to a normal bandage instead of the gauze dressing. Slowly but surely!!

I can't wait for Christmas!