Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cut the CRAP! TP evaluation installment 1:Cottonelle Aloe and Vitamin E

When you have your colon removed, everyone, if they know or not, will tell you that you'll have to get used to the frequent bathroom visits. What they don't tell you is the enormous influx of the use of toilet paper; and with that, of course, the changing of the rolls!!

It seems like every time I go to the bathroom, I have to change the roll. Sharing my bathroom with a man who, lets be honest, "wipes" at school or at work more than he does at home, chances are good, I'll need to change the roll more than he does. I'm sure most sitter/stander couples go through the same thing. But do you go through it every day and a half? That's how quickly we go through a roll. And I'm talking a double roll of Kleenex Cottonelle.

Now, bottom line, my bottom line deserves the best after what we've been through. Not to mention the wet, irritated... situation down there that comes with the "new body". I deserve the best... I just haven't found it yet!

I have been using not only Cottonelle double roll, but Cottonelle Double roll with Aloe and Vitamin E! I thought it would soothe my toosh. I was wrong!

Evaluation: I need something to stand up to wetness, creams, ointments, fronts and backs, and can do it with less irritation and less squares! After weeks of using this brand, I found that this puppy doesn't stand up to my... puppy! Although it is soft, Fido falls apart when fetched to wipe up my business. I didn't notice any soothing going on with or without the added Aloe and E. :( In Kleenex's defence, I do like the wet wipes!

Back to the drawing board. Maybe I'll try the bears?


  1. Wet wipes do sound like a good idea. Maybe you should invest in a Bidet! In the long run it might even be cheaper than buying all that TP. And its luxurious, right?

  2. Very entertaining post. We (3 people) go through about a double-roll of Cottonelle a day in my house. Too much, right? I think so too. My husband is the culprit, but since he's buying the TP I don't complain. Be careful with "the bears" I hear they leave behind fibers.