Thursday, April 28, 2016

Summer Sabbatical

We have recently come to the understanding that work is killing me. Not literally, but very much so figuratively. I've lost the excitement for life and I want it back. As with anything, Eli and I made a plan to fix it.

Step One: Take back my health-I've heard of friends having fertility issues for months and then getting pregnant after going Paleo. One friend was losing weight to get pregnant and on her way to fertility treatments found out she was pregnant. Of course, our mutual friend went Paleo after that and got pregnant on her first IVF cycle! I'm in. I gave up refined sugar and carbs such as bread, rice, grains, beans, corn and white potatoes. It wasn't easy at first, but now I'm getting the hang of it.

We aren't trying to stress me out with this diet, so if I mess up or "cheat," we roll with it as long as it is once in awhile. I can't remember when I felt better. Joint pain is gone; I'm able to walk a lot more and do gentle exercises (walk the dog or light yoga). Our food is fresh and the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes every night. I love cooking; I love eating; it was a no brainer.

Step Two: Quit my job- I knew the news wouldn't be taken lightly but I had to get out, by any means necessary. I was over worked, totally stressed and not happy. Now that I'm treating myself better, I need to be treated better. I broke the news to the boss and we were able to strike a deal. Part time, reduced responsibility, and work mostly from home for a pretty good portion of my regular salary. I'll take it!

Step Three: Summer Sabbatical! We want to get away. We are packing up the old Honda Fit (lovingly referred to as Fitty) and going out west! We'll have about ten days of just me and the hubs and the open road. We'll stop along the way, visit friends, camp, hike, eat, sleep, and of course poop (I can't help it, I don't have a colon!). Thus, our Dirtbag Summer.

Dirtbag trip 2015 over the Grand Canyon
We are bumping up our Dirtbaggedness this year. Last year we booked hotels/B&Bs and flew to Vegas to start the trip. This year, we are driving from Atlanta to Colorado. Living out of the car for so long (as the old folks we have become) requires a little more creature comforts than we used to pack. We are outfitting Fitty to be an amazing little camper! All DYI! We hope you follow our journey into the gorgeous sunset of our Dirtbag Summer!

Building begins here!


  1. Just returned from "out West" and had a blast at Black Canyon of the Gunnison in CO and Arches, Bryce Canyon & Zion in Utah! Fabulous things to do and see. We saw lots of Thistlebrush Pines (oldest tree in the world) in Bryce - there's a Thistlebrush Loop trail where there are lots of them. Arches was really cool too. Lots of easy, moderate & rugged trails available. Hydrate and enjoy! (bring lots of spf 50 lip balm!)

    1. Will do! Sounds (and looks) like it was a great trip! I can't wait to get out there!

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