Monday, June 6, 2016

Building Our Dirtbag Mobile Part 2- Plywood

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While out with a truck, Eli picked up the plywood needed for our platform. We made sure to get a finished hardwood ply-board to reduce splinters and catching on our sleeping bags, etc, during our trip. The little things count. We also wanted hardwood so we could have something sturdy but still slim. We ended up with Top Choice Birch Plywood (.47 inches x 4ftx8ft). This will give us enough to build the bed platform with the "extender flaps" as well as the extended table in the back (although we have another piece we had laying around we will be using for our table).

We got right to assembling once we had the plywood at home.

First we joined the support beams. Top beam to the two side beams first with wood screws and brackets for extra support. We measured where we wanted the second beam thinking if we needed to move it, in the event the plywood wouldn't hold our weight, we could take out the screws and move it to where we needed the support most. We joined the second cross beam and tested it. The plywood bowed a little once we sat on it so we decided to add more support at the corners to allow the room needed for our hide-a-table. When the car seats are laying flat, there is a hard metal piece in the middle of the cabin followed by a very soft part. We opted to have the support across the hard part. The added support in the corners bypass the need to figure out where the next hard spot is.

We also decided to add additional support between the two cubbies where the hinges will sit. We have the lumber and you can never have too much support.

Once the frame was built, we traced it on the plywood and cut the extras off. Next steps will be cutting and placing all bells and whistles.

Supplies this trip:
Birch Plywood .47inch x 4ft x 8ft $34.27
Total with tax: $37.01

Running Project Total: $88.44

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