Monday, February 22, 2010

The perfect shade of pink!

I can't tell you how many colonoscopies I've had in the last eight years. If there is such a thing as a good colonoscopy, it is when your colon is only an inch long.

I agreed to let the doc take one more look before I pulled out my tube and the quickest way was in the office without any medication. I laid on the table, pants around my ankles, TV screen in front of me. After messing with some equipment, the exam began! For not being sedated, it wasn't THAT bad.... Well, lets just say, I've had worse exams!

He asked if I could hold on while the nurse gets the other doctor. Apparently, this was too good to miss. The door flung open behind me; we waited; door still slightly open. "It is more entertaining when I have something to watch..." So, he continued with the exam and explained everything we could see.

I have seen my colon before- Nasty, red, white, ulcerated colon. Not this time. It was the perfect shade of pink. It looked fantastic. Until I saw the BLACK HOLE!! At the very top of my j pouch was a little black hole. Maybe the size of a pinto bean. Just pulsating and breathing. "That little guys is what is causing all our problems."

When the second doc finally came in they began to discuss... Unfortunately, they can't just clip it. If they did it in the office, the tool they use is the size of a fist! So, we decided to go back into surgery.

March 1st.

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