Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Testing, one, two, three, four

I just had my fourth exam in this horrible room at the hospital. Three gastrgrafin enemas and a fistula gram. They are pretty much the same exam- they just inject the dye in different ways!

My last gastrografin brought me to tears. The doc promised they would not hurt me too much this time... I was not impressed when I had to walk into the same room as last time for the fistula gram. The fistula gram- indifferent about it. I did love that my surgeon and the technician were both in the room and were chatting it up about my intestine. "Do you think it's at the top? Are you worried if it's at the top?" And Nic knowing I'm listening to everything they say, responds, "Well, I'm not worried about it! I just wonder if it is..." I really didn't walk away with any more knowledge than when they aren't in the room, it was just unusual.

What have we learned from this exam? Not a thing... except that it is way better than the gastrofrafin. Still have the draining bag. No call from the doc yet.

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