Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Denied Worker's Compensation

Today, I received an email from my worker's compensation adjuster. In the email, she thanked me for my patience and then bluntly said, "there will be no claims paid."

I immediately sent it to my Human Resources department and the Executive Director. I had been talking to my old supervisor all morning about how difficult it is to forgive the woman who choked me when I feel that I have all the repercussions for the assault she did onto me. She assured me that the woman is deeply sorry and she hasn't been in the office until recently.

Of course, after the email, I was sobbing. I met the ED in the hallway who said, "HR will know how to appeal it. I'm sorry to hear that," as he cleaned his oatmeal bowl and quickly walked out of the room. I went to the HR's office- Empty. I sat on the couch and waited for her return from, what I assume was, her smoke break. "What's going on?" she asked as though she had been forced to say it. I told her I was denied worker's compensation and her response was, "Yeah, I got the email." Really? Then why'd you ask? Why else would I come into your office? Certainly not for a social visit.

We called WC and the adjuster said I was denied medical bill reimbursement because I did not go to WC approved doctors. I need a referral from the doc-in-the-box they send us to for Worker's Comp and preliminary drug testing. Even if I go now, they will not make it retro-active.

I went to that doc-in-the-box and saw the same doctor that evaluated my neck injury hours after the assault. We had a heated conversation where I learned that, despite my lack of a medical degree, I should have told him that I needed to see a therapist when I saw him in September. Then he would have referred me to one but now, he can't say to go to a therapist because I am already seeing one; he wants me to stay with this therapist because he knows the whole story already... He suggested I go back to my HR. Yes, the lady who told me to go to this doctor and asked me, "What do you want me to do? You act like I have some power in all this!" Human Resources at its finest.

I am calling every attorney I know, gathering all my documents, apply for government funded assistance because the company, that my organization pays to cover their employees after things like assaults, decided not to pay out money that has been paid to them for this exact reason.

When the assault happened, all the supervisors were happy to help and expressed how I "deserved" compensation for this attack. Now, no one feels it is there job to make it happen.

There is light at the end of the tunnel; This tunnel is just really long.

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