Monday, May 25, 2009

What goes in must come out!

So, I am doing really well considering I don't have a colon!! Recovery is nice... when you don't have to do anything. Tubes all over the place that feed you and drain you and take your pain away... But at some point all those tubes have to come out... Today was my day!

You don't know how they get there, some of them you don't know why they are there but you know when they come out! My day started with removal of the catheter- not bad; not good... Then a little drainage bulb and finally my IVs are disconnected! Ahhhh freedom.

I'm walking around and able to get to the bathroom (to pee!) by myself. It's a good day.

I realize this title could also work for my little pooh bag but I'll fill you in on that later...

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