Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great news!

I'm in the hospital- that's not the great news...

Saturday night as Eli was getting ready to play some music, he leaned in to give me a kiss and noticed I was radiating heat. We took my temp and it read 102... twice. So, we called the nurse and after conversations back and forth with the doctors through the nurse they ended up on me going to see the after hours. After hours decided to send me to the ER for admittance to the hospital.

My blood count was really bad. I had three blood transfusions before I started to feel any better. I am on a constant IV drip and a clear liquid diet and still have symptoms.

The good news is I could have my colon removed as soon as Thursday! I have been looking forward to this day since my first hospitalization. I have researched and talked to people online and real life. I really think I'm ready.

As my dad put it- I deserve a break from all the suffering I've been through. And if taking out a diseased colon is the way- I'll take it!

I have been feeling better the last couple days and hope that all the test come out giving us a green flag to get me a J Pouch!

Keep your fingers crossed. I'll update as I can!

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