Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eli's Birthday wish

Eli asked for a few things this year but the most important slipped through my fingers last night.

Eli had a show at WonderRoot for his birthday and invited some of his favorite bands. Yard Work, the headlining band, could get anyone to dance. But not me; not last night. All Eli wanted was for me to dance with him to a Yard Work song...

I went to the restroom while the band just before YW was loading up... I didn't know them and wouldn't mind sitting in the bathroom for their set. I was of course interrupted... the person on the other side of the locked door actually said, "Ooops... I'll wait!" You'll wait? Listen, I was prepared to play the waiting game because I knew I would win... I could wait all day. But, I gave in and finished up, washed up and left. I still had to go. So I drove all the way home (Like a 10 min drive...) and used my own bathroom in private. No one around, no one waiting... Then my cell starts going off... Everyone is worried about me and wants to know how I'm doing...

As I pulled back up to the venue I heard music coming from the basement... It was Yard Work and Eli was at the front of the crowd. I cought four songs from the chair in the back while Eli danced with all our able bodied friends.

Maybe next year Eli? :(

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