Monday, April 13, 2009

Privacy please!

With all this going on in my colon, my priorities have changed. I used to be able to go out, drink, eat whatever I want, see a movie... and just use the bathroom when I got home. No longer! Now, I'm lucky if I can wait until I get home after eating a quick meal. So of course, I survey the venue and always ask friends what kind of bathrooms they have. I almost always get the response. "Oh, they are clean... they're nice..." That's not what I need. All I want to know is if they are private or stalls.

I know if they are stalls, I will only be able to urinate or I'll have to courtesy flush the whole time I'm in there. I recently drove almost all the way across the country and of course had to visit a number of restrooms. And boy was I excited when I came across the single bathroom with a locking door and no other stalls. One problem... the next person awaits you on the other side of the door! I've at least gotten over that. I know I have an issue and I will probably never see that person again. If it is a friend... they know I have the problem and they are pretty well prepared for it.

I wish I could just go back to when it didn't matter.

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