Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shame on me...

Now that I'm unemployed I try to keep myself busy by cleaning, job searching, gardening... but sometimes I just can't get off the couch. So I turn to my iPod for games or I do Sudoku. I have one of those books that lets you choose anything from "Light and Easy" to "Beware! Very Challenging!"

I usually work my way up to "Difficult" after a few hours of "Light and Easy" and "Moderate". Last night, I hit an all time low... I cheated on Sudoku! I was on a L&E and I got stuck. I just couldn't do anything... I caved and looked at the key in the back. I'm not talking about getting one or two numbers... I took 2 rows! I started out with a couple numbers but nothing would get me going again. I had to take the rows to complete the puzzle. So sad. I can't even do an easy puzzle.

I use the puzzles to feel a sense of accomplishment since I have nothing going on... all I feel is degradation and shame!!

Oh well, I have 399 more puzzles to go!


  1. wow. cheating on an "L & E"?! sometimes life is just like that I guess. You're still waaaaay better at Sudoku than me.

  2. Lady, I can't even do any of the easy Sudoku! Good for you for even trying.