Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Expect the unexpected

Things were going pretty well. I got all my tests run and registration completed. Unfortunately, there is always something.

CT scan showed a pelvic abscess... whatever that is. The doctors explained that it could be something- it could be nothing. Is that supposed to comfort someone? And because the surgery is so soon, we had to hear from the surgeon if it would interfere with the take-down surgery.

We decided to continue as planned with the surgery while the surgeon reviews the film. He couldn't tell where the abscess was so the day of surgery, my doctor hijacks my stretcher and hauls ass down the hall to the hospital CT facility. I guess it is an unusual sight to see a doctor wheeling a patient around. Everyone we passed in the hall ask, "You need help? You got that?" We had a deadline...

The first CT scan was administered from the mouth and with an ileostomy, that's where it ends. It can't go any further. Well, this time it was going from the bottom up... not fun. I always told people that the stoma is a kinked hose so the bottom part of it leads to my bottom. Honestly, I was never really sure but it made sense. I can tell you now! When they injected that fluid in my bum, my bag filled up FAST. I don't think she believed me when I said, "I can't hold it. Stop!" But when she saw my bag, she knew we were overflowing.

The film was read and I was off to surgery.

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