Friday, November 20, 2009

Ups with the downs

This weeks has been a roller coaster. I found out that, although Unemployment has been extended to 18 months, the great state of Georgia has not received the money to fulfill that bill. On the other hand, I got to say so long to my surgeon. If nothing goes wrong from here on out, we should never have to see each other again! :)

I do adore my surgeon and really admire his surgical ability but I'd much rather get on with my "normal" life. To say good-bye, I made a card in the shape of a butt that said, "Thanks! For saving my butt!" I thought is was appropriate...

I have been feeling so much better. According to Dr Nichols, I seem to be doing better than the average patient. I would say I go to the bathroom maybe 10 times a day, including twice during the night. The average patient is going more like twice as much. No more leaking or surprises. I do have some discomfort but nothing like colitis.

This week, I am gearing up for Thanksgiving! Family time and food. Who could ask for more?

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