Sunday, July 25, 2010

What was I thinking: bathroom project day 2

We have made some headway on our bathroom. I started to pull off the the first wall of the shower tiles to find a really thick backer board stuck to the tiles- I mean forever bonded to these twelve inch squares. I tried to do one tile at a time but that was not going to happen. The entire wall came together... I guess that makes it easier?

I've got most of the wood framing the tiles off of the wall. As we started the second and biggest wall- RODE BLOCK! There is no backer board behind this tile? It is tiled directly to the wall, as far as I can tell. Not great. Each time we tried to pry the tile from the wall, we made a new dent in the wall.

Now, Eli used to support my idea of re-doing the bathroom, but took a "hands off approach." After a week of confessing that he was no longer intimidated by the project, he took over the project today. I guess that makes it easier for me...

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