Sunday, July 18, 2010

What was I thinking?

So... I may have started a new project... I'm re-doing our spare bathroom. (Insert post title here!)

I've been reading home improvement things on-line, like
Young House Love (check 'em out), and every Saturday I try to watch This Old House on PBS and pretend that my dad is watching with me like we used to when I was little. So, of course I got this crazy idea that between my two jobs and crafting, "I can just go ahead and re-do the bathroom."

Here is the plan: The tile HAS to go! It's not falling apart or anything... It is just, not pretty... I mean, really! In this particular bathroom, the floor might be a little... um... WEAK! Every time you sit down, you pray you don't keep going! The contractor said,"The sub floor is in good condition, so if the floor gives out, you'll only fall a few inches." Reassuring, I know.

All the fixtures are in good shape. I'll be re-using the toilet, the shower base (after a nice cleaning) and the sink. All I really have to do is the tile, the floor and the paint! Famous last words, right?

Here are our befores :)

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