Sunday, August 16, 2009

For Sale: My Pride

This weekend has been pretty busy. We decided to have a yard sale. A friend of ours is moving and getting rid of some good stuff for cheap so we figured we'd clean out our attic and maybe get some money for a haircut.

I made signs on Friday before we had a pricing party- we obviously don't do these sales very often. Saturday, after rocking out to two of Eli's shows (one at Piedmont Park and one at WonderRoot- both awesome!), around 11:30 pm we biked the neighborhood to post the signs. It felt great to bike around while there was no traffic, just me and Eli and a cool breeze... We listed it on the Internet; we had all the bases covered. Haircut here I come!

Today, I woke up all crusty-eyed, set up everything and drank almost a whole pot of coffee by my lonesome! We had about 5 customers the whole day. I made a diminutive $9! Broken down hourly, I made $1 an hour! That is like slave labor! I guess that haircut will have to wait; hopefully not another 6 months.

At least someone bought one of my home-made rings. If I can sell 375 more, I can pay the mortgage!

Two highlights from the sale: The girls! :)

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