Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reconnection Reconsideration

Since before my surgery I wanted the J-pouch. When I finally got it everything was better than it was and I was happy with it; Happy enough because I knew it was temporary.

I saw my surgeon today to set an appointment for my take-down surgery (AKA Reconnection). He is always very thorough in my decisions about the surgery. He mentioned that I could keep the bag if I was getting used to it; As I tell my mother, I told my surgeon, "I am not getting used to the bag; just getting better at it." I want the surgery.

Eli and I have been talking about it and now I am on the fence. This is what the surgery was intended for. The end result has always been the J-pouch. Now, thinking about all the trips to the bathroom, the fear of not making it, the search for the bathroom in every building I go in, I'm just not sure.

I have an exam on Monday to make sure I am healing well. The next step will be the reconnection.

I suppose I can take the weekend to think about all this. Why would he ask me that and complicate everything?!

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