Saturday, June 6, 2009

First time out: DISASTER!

Eli's youngest brother graduated high school this week. I remember how important it was for my family to be there during mine and I was not going to keep Eli from being there for Dylan. We made the 6 hour trip to Georgetown. It was not easy... or fun. In fact- it was a disaster.

We stopped at a gas station when my bag was full and the tank was empty. Eli drove right up to the door so I wouldn't have to walk too far... and let me tell you, that little step up, not so little when you have no leg muscles. I pull the handle to the bathroom... locked... I see an attendant and ask if we need a key, all the while holding my bag and my little supplies clutch. She pushes the door open without a word.

OK, so I start to settle in.... Thank God there is a toilet seat cover (I hate when I have to line). I sit, take the clip off and dump! OMG! I DIDN'T CUFF THE BAG!!!! If you don't cuff the bag before you dump, all the waste is at the end of the bag... and it's just not clean! I can't believe I forgot to cuff!

Well, I have an extra bag with me, or I could try and clean it... ABORT! Just abort the bag and get a new one... Well, I should try to keep it... they are expensive. So, I decide to try and save it. I have my gloves on and start working away... And of course I get waste all over the bag. There is no saving this!

I pull the bag off and I am still actively going... The wafer kind of gives a little reservoir before it runs all over you stomach. So I'm wiping and it slows. What do I do with this dirty bag? I just drop it on the floor... I just can't deal. I grab a new one and seal it up. I just sit there looking at the bag on the floor... how much do those cost? Should I throw it out, really? I just have to get over it.

Someone tries the door outside... OK, get going. I clean up and throw the bag away. I wash the gloves; I wash my hands. And I see it... AIR FRESHENER! I pop the top, which is not easy when you can't use your abs... And there is no spray thing on it... Whatever, I'm over the smell. I just try to make it pleasant for the next person.

I am so wiped out by the time I get out of that bathroom Eli has to help me to the car. What a day! And now we have 4 more hours to go in the car...

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