Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, to be a puppy!

I just got a post card from Ophelia's doctor informing us that it is time for her up dates. Now, as a human, my medical bills have increased as I get older. But the puppy's have come down significantly in cost per year.

When we first got the big Oph (you thought that was a cute nick name, you didn't realize where it was going...), she was eating bees and getting stung in the face; scraping her head under the deck; falling off cliffs on her hikes with daddy! It seemed like every week we had to take her in for something. Either she got smarter or we stopped caring.

One time we had to take her for a flea infestation-$90 for three pills!!! You better believe we give her Frontline every month now.

...Maybe we got smarter! :)

Now if we can just get her to come back to us when she escapes.

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