Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lets get it together CCFA!

The day I came back from the hospital there was a big envelope in my mail box addressed to ME! It was from CCFA (The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America). I thought it was like any other mailer they send out that always ends with them asking for money.

Not this time! The wrote to inform me that I was a semi-finalist in an essay writing contest about UC Success! I was getting a gift card for like $25 in the mail and they will inform the winners at a later date.

Well, the prize is a trip out to OC, California! That's what I wanted. You go to the CCFA Walk and talk about what you've been through and tips to help others get through the disease. Sounds like a perfect job for me. The Walk is this weekend and I still haven't heard anything. I haven't even got my gift card yet! What's the deal?

I get it; I didn't win the trip. But at least post the winners on the web site! They still have last year's winners!!

Maybe next time.

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