Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Privacy VS Stalls part II

While in Georgetown I went out to my first restaurant since the surgery. Of course it was Mexican! I love Mexican food. With all those chips and salsa I knew I would have to empty before we left. And I did. I escaped to the bathroom and to my dismay, it was a single bathroom- no stalls.

Now before, all I wanted was a single bathroom with some privacy. I could do my thing, and walk out like nothing happened. Now, things have changed. It takes a while to empty a bag and clean up and all that... I have a little supply bag with gloves and air freshener and everything I might need. It is no easy feat.

Right when I sit down, I hear someone try the door! Great! So now I'm rushing. At least we didn't have a recap of the gas station! They try the door again. I'm trying to hurry! Cuff, drop, clean, clean, clean. They don't even knock- they go straight for the "Hello?"

What do you say to that? Obviously someone is in here and not having a great time. Even if they were having a great time in the bathroom, would you really want to interrupt that? Sheesh!

Then it is the walk of shame... leaving the bathroom knowing that someone has been waiting outside the whole time and will identify you. Not like I'd know them or would ever see them again... but still.

I feel like I should keep a sign in my supplies bag that says something like, "Will be done at..." and have a little clock on it with movable hands I could customize. Or have it say, "I know I'm taking a long time, I have a medical condition- Please just wait or use another bathroom." Maybe just an "Out of order" sign...

I am not going to just use stalls... I've gone through too much to limit my restaurants!!

Three months and it wont matter... three months.

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