Thursday, July 9, 2009

Assault on my garden!

After Eli left for band practice, I figured I'd have a relaxing evening watering the garden and harvesting anything that was ready. As I head over to the garden I notice my cucumber at my feet. "Odd... that rabbit we've seen around must have gotten into our garden. Certainly a squirrel couldn't do that!"

As I approach the two garden boxes I see the destruction! All our strings were ripped in half; cucumber plant strewn all over the yard; tomatoes folded in half from the weight of the destructor; holes burrowed all the way to the natural soil, sweet potato plants uprooted and thrown to the side! No squirrel did this! I practically fall to my knees with vexation (I love my little pop up dictionary/thesaurus!).

As I look up, I am greeted by my sweet Ophelia; or so I used to refer to her as my "Sweet Ophelia"! The destructor had to be about 72 pounds, and have teeth at least an inch long!!! How could she do this to me? "Et tu, Ophie?" All the time I put into this, and the money! I was going to use that cucumber tomorrow. And our big mama tomatoes were completely ripped out of the garden box! The whole plant!

I spent the last hour trying to fix what Eli's daughter did! When she is good at the vet, she's my baby; when she kills mama's plants, she's Eli's daughter. I'll have to see what happens tomorrow to see if I saved anything. If not, back to square one tomorrow... at least we still have time left in the growing season. And with global warming, I might even be able to grow in to November!

(If you are asking how she got into the garden after months of nothing... I left the little side door open. I never thought she would walk through that narrow space... I accept the blame!) I don't know why she paid so much attention to the cucumber... they are spikey little buggers.


  1. I was so damn pissed at her, but I can't help but laugh at that picture. That damn cucumber hanging out of her mouth!

  2. She was very excited when I gave her the cucumber. I'll do anything for a picture! :)