Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Solo Wafer Change 1

Eli has been gone for like two days and I put off the wafer change an extra day just because I needed to collect myself. This was going to be my first wafer change by myself- ever. In the hospital I had the ostomy nurse and at home, I always had Eli.

Today is the day. I showered and gathered all my supplies; even extras just in case. I found, after two months of practice, that I am least "active" in the morning. I spread out my towel on the bed and got comfy.

The worst is pealing off the old wafer. Even after 5 days it is still really stuck to my belly. Once I got past that, I just let it breath while I clean up around it. I had no output while I was cleaning which is AWESOME!!! Normally, Eli and I have to wipe and wipe and wipe up the output. I cut the wafer to my stoma size, prepped the skin, stuck on the adhesive ring, and pressed it on! Perfect fit!

I love wafer change day!!! :)


  1. congrats babe! let's hope all future changes (not many left!) are as good. miss you.

  2. It was stellar! You would have loved it! Miss you too! Drive safely. :)