Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When I grow up

I just finished the book Bitter Is The New Black by Jen Lancaster. I heart this book! Anyone who has been laid off after a sense of security given to you by that now former employer, anyone who has an inner B (or not so inner B) inside you, a fashionista, I would imagine a Dot-Commer... would love this book. I would love to be Jen minus all the selfish, sorority, over indulgent and mean parts. She was laid off, started writing to blow off steam and became publish- by a real publishing company. She just finished her fourth book this year!

A good friend let me borrow this book after the surgery. I trust her judgement especially with books- not to mention her part time job at a book store is lovingly referred to as the "Literary Prison". She knows books and she could not have found a better one for me to read right now.

Eli always asks me what I want to be when I grow up. He has all this ambition and all these plans for what he wants to do with his life. Other than being a mom, I never really knew what I wanted to be. I mean, I could be whatever pays the bills. If I did have a family, maybe I would be a teacher just to have summers off. If I needed more education- I would go back to school. I don't live my life at work although I try to learn from every job. I just never commit to anything (other than Eli :). We always talk about me writing more but would people want to read what I write? And more importantly, could I get paid!

I have been active on some medical posting sites over the last 6 months. I see the people who have questions and I find people who have the answers I need. I know I would want to write about the UC and all the problems that came with it and I see people who could possibly be interested in it.
The ups and downs are more common than our doctors would let on.

All I need is a clever title, the right marketing and, of course, an editor... What do you think? Could I really turn this blog, along with all my stories, into a real book?


  1. You could totally get a book out of these blog entries. & I have you're title: "Oh Shit" or "Bombs Await" I bet Joey would let you use it :)

  2. YES! Bombs Await!! Do it Liza. It would be awesome. Just think of the other newly diagnosed people that you could help- you could offer that help you didn't get at that point in your life!

  3. True... I got a lot of support from the UC Forum too. We'll see what happens.
    I always wanted it to be called Moon Face Girl- because of the prednisone.