Saturday, July 4, 2009


It is 5:43 in the morning and I have been up all night. I am not sure why. It's been No Good Sleepin' all week :)...

I feel like I have restless leg. I know, I sound crazy but look at everything I have had wrong! RLS is not that much of a long shot. I heard people have RLS symptoms because of anemia- which I have (documented by doctors, thank you!).

I just want to sleep. I can't sleep on my stomach- my preferred- because of the bag. I tried to prop myself up on pillows and let the bag hang but that was a no go; 1 the bag got heavy and 2 my arm started to fall a sleep tingling. When I sleep on my side the bag slides, and I'm ok with that but then my legs start to tingle. On my left side I have to use a pillow to stop me from rolling over onto my bag... Sheesh! This sucks.

I am so tired. I just want to rest my body. Maybe two pain pills will do the trick?

It doesn't help that I can't be gently sung to sleep by the hum of the television and laughter perhaps from Conan... who's idea was this whole digital switch anyway? Stupid converter box!

WOW! The birds are already awake- and it isn't even our little owl friend in the back! :(

I guess I'll surf the net. Good night!

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